Hi Aaron,

Its jacob herrman, we and my girl friend kailie did the fonts point and slot canyon and milky way tour with you a few weeks ago. I just wanted to email you and thank you again for a amazing experience, from the photography advice to local history of borrego springs and natural history of borrego park. My girl friend kailie also wanted to say thank you for giving some ideas on a place to eat for dinner, sense were aren’t from the area, it was very nice of you to suggest a place to eat and get away from the heat for awhile.

We very much appreciated you taking the time to explain how photography works in a basic way to my girl friend, she’s loves taking photos but she doesn’t know a whole lot about what settings to use in the light thats given.

This tour was top notch, you blew my expectations out of the water, from the off road jeep ride to the bottled water and the advice on setting for night photography, i can’t say enough good things about your tour aaron, your a very talented photographer and its great that you pass on you knowledge freely to your customers.

I personally had never been to a desert, and for some reason or another i kept trying to get kailie out to the desert and experience something new, it was truly life changing for me and for my girlfriend, i hope things are going well for you and your wife.

Looking back at my photos, i enjoyed the milky way tour the best, although i was interested in the slot canyon tour, the milky way tour was awesome, i now know how to shoot at night!!! And the photos, well, they turned out amazing, i have big plans for printing and framing them, my parents suggested i enter into the local art show in a few weeks, i think i might just do that.

I know our night tour went a little late, and i apologize for giving you a low tip amount, i felt bad doing that, if you want i can send you some extra money thru paypal.

I’ll attach some photos i took with this email.

Thanks again aaron


jacob herrman
I had been looking for a good reason to return to the area--I visited the 600,000 acre Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, which surrounds the tiny town of Borrego Springs , a couple years ago and was very pleased with the 2-hour Jeep Tour my guy and I enjoyed last weekend at a great price.

When I scheduled our tour a couple months prior to the actual tour date, I discussed with Aaron what we hoped to see, how I like taking lots of photos, and that we would be down for some moderate hiking if Aaron wanted to show us around on foot.  I left the sightseeing up to Aaron, basically saying, We just want to see neat things."  Ultimately we ended driving south on Borrego Springs Road to the Borrego Mountain Area to see badlands and to explore Slot Canyon and Wind Caves.

Aaron's driving was impressive, but man, I know my knuckles were a little white when we descended the "Borrego Drop"!  My photo doesn't do it justice.  That being said, the rough parts weren't nearly as rough as I anticipated.  I'm into vehicles in general and couldn't help but ask lots of questions about off-roading, Aaron's Jeep Rubicon and other preferred vehicles.  Come to think of it, I asked the guy lots of questions during our trip.  Aaron was very kind and indulged my curiosity.

Bonuses!  Aaron's been a Portrait Photographer of 25 years, so my husband and I very much appreciated that Aaron took quite a few portraits of us using our camera.  Also , the Jeep is stocked with bottles of cold water and high-quality snacks.

Had a wonderful time and Tipped to show our Appreciation.  I hope everyone who experiences a Jeep tour with Aaron finds the time as well spent as we did.